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Niche Markets Feed Management

Feed Management and Records for Niche MarketsAre Berkshires Really Different? Dr. Matt Swantek & David Stender share their results from a Berkshire feeding study. They offer some feeding recommendations and share some of the future directions of Berkshire feeding research. The purpose of this program is to encourage producers to be proactive in providing the best possible care for their animals and show commitment to the ethical principles of pork production as outlined in the We Care responsible pork initiative.

SwineCast Update for February 23, 2012, Meat Demand, Feed Prices, and Staying Competitive?

We're packing for the Pork Industry Forum in Denver next week where the recent request by McDonald's to review supplier sow housing systems and alternatives will be top hall-talk topic. Our conversation with NPPC's Dallas Hockman outlines the issues many haven't thought of.

Dr. Steve Meyer's Iowa presentation on meat demand emphasizes feed costs are key in 2012. Many thanks to Iowa and Minnesota for letting us share these presentations. Let us know if you find them of value and we'll pass that along.

SwineCast 0514, AASV - Updating The Mycotoxin Factsheet

Download mp3SwineCast 0514 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0498, Will Mycotoxins Change Your Nutrition Program?

Download mp3SwineCast 0498 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Hans Stein, Associate Professor of Swine Nutrition at the University of Illinois, joins the discussion on this year's mold issues, the resulting mycotoxin load, management of the feed and potential changes in cropping practices as a result.

SwineCast 0494, American Feed Industry Association Meeting Preview

Download mp3SwineCast 0494 Show Notes:
  • Joel Newman, AFIA's president and CEO provides an overview of the upcoming AFIA conference in Atlanta and highlights legislative and regulatory issues on his organization's front burner

SwineCast 0387, DDGs in Swine Rations and Pelleting Issues

SwineCast 0387 Show Notes:

  • Conversations today with Sam Baidoo looking at DDGs impact on ration cost and total feed availability
  • Adam Fahrenholz, Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant Department of Grain Science Kansas State University with his International Poultry Scientific Forum presentation about the effects of DDGs inclusion on pellet quality
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