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Thinking Generational

Transforming Your Generational Sticking PointsTransforming Your Generational Sticking Points Haydn Shaw, People Driven Results, provides inspiration for success and challenges people to re-think their connections with family in a farm business [video].

Brent and Connie Haden - Agricultural Estate & Succession Planning

Agricultural Estate & Succession Planning - Brent and Connie Haden - Law Firm of Haden & Byrne, LLC, from the 2013 Missouri Pork Expo, February 13 - 14, 2013, Columbia, MO, USA.

Giving Up a Vegetarian Diet as a Form of Activism

     I do a lot of flying and have done so for many years.  The consequence of that is I have lots of orphaned frequent flyer miles on airlines that I rarely (or may never again) use.  Four thousand miles on Thai Air are next to worthless to me so I gave in recently to a letter warning me my miles were about to expire and offering magazine subscriptions as a way to use them. 

     Four thousand frequent flyer miles won't even get you to the boarding gate much less allow you to fly anywhere but they will buy you five or six annual magazine subscriptions.  One of the mags I ordered was Food and Wine (  I love food and wine so I thought this was a good choice.  The recipes look pretty intriguing too but when you get half way through them you realize you have to travel to Indonesia to get two of the spices required since the local HyVee has never heard of them.  Regardless of that I find it an informative and relaxing read.

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