Global and European Pig Meat Market

Focus on Preparation - Anticipating Changing ConditionsFocus on Preparation - Anticipating Changing Conditions Dr. Miguel Angel Higuera, National Association of Swine Producers (Spain), shares global and European meat sector perspectives. Dr. Higuera points out that China, EU, then the US are the three biggest pork producers and consumers. On the flip side, the EU, USA, and Canada are the three biggest exporters of pork. Dr. Higuera dives into the EU market, consumer perceptions, and the how those perceptions have changed pork production in the EU. Dr. Higuera closes with a thought on how to get to 40 piglets per sow per year [video].

Dr. Miguel Angel Higuera - Focus on Preparation - Anticipating Changing Conditions

Focus on Preparation - Anticipating Changing Conditions - Dr. Miguel Angel Higuera, National Association of Swine Producers (Spain), from the 2016 World Pork Expo, June 8 - 10, 2016, Des Moines, IA, USA.

What Can The EU Tell Us?

Illinois Farm Bureau Animal Welfare Study Tour to the EULearning What Works in Animal Welfare Deb Moore, Illinois Farmer, as part of the Illinois Farm Families, took part in the 2013 European Union Animal Care Study Tour to learn more about how the EU handles the concerns of consumers. The tour looked at agriculture in six countries across beef, dairy, pork, and poultry. Ms. Moore and her tour group looked at the applications of animal welfare on EU farm operations. Ms. Moore offers a good ground level perspective on the application of animal welfare in EU agriculture that USA farmers and ranchers can take in for consideration.

U.S. bioenergy policy: Time to refuel?


A recently-released policy paper by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy is questioning the United States’ biofuels policy, and rightly so. The paper, “Fundamentals of a Sustainable U.S. Biofuels Policy,” challenges the economic, environmental and logistical basis for ethanol production.

SwineCast 0308 for June 3 2008

SwineCast 0308 Show Notes:

  • Special presentation with Dr Ed Pajor of Purdue reviewing current legislative initiatives in the European Union related to animal welfare... See you in Des Moines!

Designer Disasters

Worldwide alarms are now beginning to sound regarding the devasting impacts of U.S. (and other Western nation's) ethanol policy which has combined with growing food demand and sequential droughts in key grain growing areas around the globe to produce an impending humanitarian food crisis.

The UK Telegraph says food-based ethanol production may be reaching its political and moral limits. By forcing, through mandate and subsidy, a fifth (and soon to be one third) of the U.S. corn crop out of the food chain and into your gas tank, a mounting humantarian crisis has begun to emerge on a global basis.

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