Best of SwineCast 2008: Leman Conference, part 1

This is part 1 of a 3 part Best of SwineCast series from the 2008 Leman Conference.

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Best of SwineCast: Leman Conference, part 1.

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2008 Leman Conference: Pork’s carbon footprint: Hot air, hot opportunity, or both?

Pork’s carbon footprint: Hot air, hot opportunity, or both? by Garth Boyd, Camco Global
Garth Boyd, Ph.D., PAS, is the senior vice president of agriculture for Camco North America, a global carbon credit aggregation and project development firm in Denver. In this position, he works with agribusiness and food companies on carbon strategy, carbon assessment, carbon life cycle analysis of products and carbon asset development. Previous positions in animal agriculture include: director of environmental technology for Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, Va., and director of land and nutrient management for Murphy Farms, in Murphy, Texas. He was recently appointed to the Chicago Climate Exchange Ag Methane Technical Advisory Committee and the inaugural EPA Farm, Ranch and Rural Communities Advisory Committee. Garth also served on the animal science faculty at Colorado State University for seven years.

SwineCast 0351 for October 28 2008

SwineCast 0351 Show Notes:

  • Update on DDGs research with UMN's Dr Gerry Shurson, presenter at the Leman conference
  • What is fractionation and why is it important to the ethanol industry and feed users?  A presentation from the International DDGs conference

SwineCast 0331 for August 19 2008

SwineCast 0331 Show Notes:

  • Sweet potatos more attuned to ethanol production that corn! (Where do they trade sweet potato futures?)
  • Biosystems engineer Jay Harmon discusses ventilation technology
  • BI's John Kolb updates on CircoFLEX effectiveness and the newly cleared ComboFLEX package
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid research from PhD candidate at the University of GA, Suzanne Meers

2008 Midwest Swine Health Conference: Ventilation and Energy Use

From the 2008 Midwest Swine Health Conference, Coralville, Iowa, USA: Ventilation and Energy Use, by Dr. Jay Harmon, Iowa State.

Iowa State’s Jay Harmon reviews energy costs and engineering considerations in the time of serious cost control efforts in your operation.

SwineCast 0306 for May 28 2008

SwineCast 0306 Show Notes:

  • Recapping the farm bill outcomes for pork producers and a preview of World Pork Expo with NPPC's David Warner
  • China figures to be a bright spot in world pork import needs. Bruce Cochrane has more
  • Economist says higher gas prices could help to level the biofuels playing field. However, he's not running for office...
  • Food prices increase 40% around the world over the past year

SwineCast 0281 for February 26 2008

SwineCast 0281 Show Notes:

  • Paul Jeske at Pigski reports his experience with the new upper midwest strain of PRRS his practice is investigating
  • Iowa Select's Joe Kerns shares important pricing knowledge and the possibility of another marketing opportunity
  • Iowa State's fuels and feeding info
  • Exploring feedstock alternatives in Canada
  • Manager's minute with Sarah Fogelman... more than filling an opening
  • USDA says the next decade should be plenty positive for ag 

2008 Iowa Pork Congress: Using Vegetative Environmental Buffers for Odor Mitigation

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Using Vegetative Environmental Buffers for Odor Mitigation .

This seminar will provide an overview of the various ways in which Vegetative Environmental Buffers (VEBs) can help incrementally reduce livestock odor and particulates. Other topics will include buffer design issues, buffer management, costs and some of the social benefits of using "natural" technologies such as VEBs.

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By John Tyndall, Iowa State University

SwineCast 0258 for December 4 2007

SwineCast 0258 Show Notes:

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