Employee Management

Understanding Human Behavior In Biosecurity Decision Making

Explanation And Demonstration Of Agent-Based Models (ABM) That Account For Human BehaviorExplanation And Demonstration Of Agent-Based Models (ABM) That Account For Human Behavior University of Vermont's Dr. Gabriela Bucini, Dr. Eric Clark, and Mr. Ollin Langle describe a tool to help to visualize the dynamics of swine diseases and how they spread, and to better understand how human behavior affects the transmission of swine diseases [video].

SwineCast 1056, Finding Good Employees, ASF Risk Assessments, and Social Media For Veterinarians

SwineCast 1056 Show Notes:
  • From 2019 American Association of Swine Veterinarians:
    • Jonathon Hoek from Premier BioSource and Summit Precision Production, shares how to find good employees.
    • Dr. Megan Schnur with Norbrook, Inc. helps us understand the value of reviewing the risks of African Swine Fever coming on to your farm through feed, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceutical products.
    • Megan Kuhn with Elanco on how social media can be helpful for swine veterinarians.

Thinking Generational

Transforming Your Generational Sticking PointsTransforming Your Generational Sticking Points Haydn Shaw, People Driven Results, provides inspiration for success and challenges people to re-think their connections with family in a farm business [video].

Finding Great People, Keeping Them Engegaed At Work

Where To Find And How To Retain Great EmployeesWhere To Find And How To Retain Great Employees Erin Wagoner, The Maschhoffs, talks about how finding good employees is about developing culture that encourages employees to thrive and share their experiences with those outside the company [video].

Dr. Gabriela Bucini - The Role of Human Behavior in Biosecurity Adoption: Interactive Tools For Intervention Strategies

The Role of Human Behavior in Biosecurity Adoption: Interactive Tools For Intervention Strategies - Dr. Gabriela Bucini, from the 2018 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, September 15-18, 2018, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

What Are Some New Technologies for Improving Pork Producers?

New Technologies for Pork Producers - Video Monitoring and Web-Based LearningVideo Monitoring and Web-Based Learning Mr. Earl Dodson, K·Coe Isom, covers several technologies to help address animal welfare and worker safety in farm operations. Video monitoring and web-based learning are important to help improve the education of staff and to help farms be compliant with their customers' need to see what is happening on farm [video].

Have You Reviewed Your Employee Compensation?

Compensation in Pork Production - PORK AcademyCompensation in Pork Production - PORK Academy Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, shares recent research on pork farm labor compensation. In summary, pork production compensation is competitive. Ms. Hoare details how the data was collected and aggregated with the help of AgCareers. The presentation also outlines the key findings on wages, staff scheduling, benefits, and visas. [video].

SwineCast 0737, Leman Keynote - Making Rational Management Decisions

SwineCast 0737 Show Notes:
  • Rational decisions are decidedly in the best interest of your business.  So why don't we make them all the time?  Dr. Terry Hurley, economist at the University of Minnesota discussed the issue and offered his insights to the 2012 Leman conference.  Selected comments provide a baseline for your future considerations.

SwineCast 0684, End of Year - Five Leadership Traits For You And Your 'Management Team To Be'

Download mp3SwineCast 0684 Show Notes:
  • Ian Davis, retired Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, recently shared his top five leadership traits with Stanford's Graduate School of Business students.  Ian has consulted with major international management leaders, seeing very good... and some not very good management teams.  This half hour program is a great thought provoker for your management team and might be a good point of initiation for the 'up and comers' that are ready for advancement.  Best wishes in the New Year!
  • Link to Ian Davis program oveview and bio
  • Link to YouTube presentation
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