Dr. Lisa Becton - PRRS Working Group Update

PRRS Working Group Update - Dr. Lisa Becton, Director of Swine Health Information & Research, National Pork Board, from the 2013 NIAA Merging Values and Technology conference, April 15-17, 2013, Louisville, KY, USA.

Dr. Lisa Becton believes that PRRS is at a crossroads after 20 years of work. She talks about the future of PRRS and presents several views PRRS' focus. Dr. Becton asks the audience if management, control and/or elimination of the virus, and how funding models will be created to support one or more of the focal points. She mentions there is continued National Pork Board support for PRRS elimination, as reaffirmed by the Swine Health Committee. To close Dr. becton highlights the 2014 plan of work.