Designer Disasters

Worldwide alarms are now beginning to sound regarding the devasting impacts of U.S. (and other Western nation's) ethanol policy which has combined with growing food demand and sequential droughts in key grain growing areas around the globe to produce an impending humanitarian food crisis.

The UK Telegraph says food-based ethanol production may be reaching its political and moral limits. By forcing, through mandate and subsidy, a fifth (and soon to be one third) of the U.S. corn crop out of the food chain and into your gas tank, a mounting humantarian crisis has begun to emerge on a global basis.

The UK Telegraph quotes a now often repeated and grim comparison: It takes 232kg of corn to fill an SUV's tank, enough to feed a child for a year. Senator Grassley of Iowa likes to pooh-pooh this, pointing out that people don't eat livestock feed. Apparently he has not seen this picture yet: Don't worry though, The Cheesecake Factory only had to raise prices by 1.5% by February and Applebee's only 3%.

Food riots are now beginning to spread throughout the world and have recently led to the ouster of Haiti's government. The U. N. is predicting massacres if these trends continue, but then again, the U. N. has predicted 50 of the last three global catastrophe's.

At the same time, we are getting ready to euthanize hundreds of thousands of weaned pigs in Manitoba Canada for the same food at a price which can be afforded coupled with the disclosure requirements of COOL should it be implemented as planned.  (By the way, that 232kg of corn that went into your SUV tank could also feed a pig from wean to finish.)  New packer contracts will be including clauses which prohibit producers from providing animals to them which do not come exclusively from U.S. production (unless they have permission--hedging all the possibilities).

Countries are beginning to ban exports of both grains and meat in order to preserve local supplies. Some are predicting a new food based "Cold War" if the stresses brought on by bio-fuels and sequential weather challenges and poor harvests for wheat (for instance) continue.

The disclosure laws in the EU, which are legendary, will now give the man-made global warming alarmists in the EU a new set of choices. This is fitting since their failure to ever see the unintended consequences of their actions has helped to bring all of this about. By August, the EU will allow folks to decide which global injustice or impending environmental disaster they would like to put into their gas tank.

By August, filling stations will have to label the source of their bio-fuel for consumers, a kind of petrol COOL. If you are driving in Europe you can choose to fill your tank with the "destruction-of-the-Brazilian-rainforest-for-sugar-based- ethanol" pump, or maybe you prefer to use the "euthanize-hundreds-of- thousands-of-pigs-while-people-are-starving-corn-based ethanol", or you can top off your tank with the "Food-security-new-Cold War blend." Oh, and don't forget Oxfam's "60-million-people-driven-from-their-land-to-create-Green-Plantations-Blend" for short, "Homeless Blend". Designer disasters at your finger tips...time to choose.