Consumer Trust

SwineCast 0585, Do Consumers Respond To Media Reports Of Animal Abuse?

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SwineCast 0577, How Does Belstra Connect With Local Consumers?

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SwineCast 0517, PIF - CMA Shares Processor-Consumer Perspectives of Industry

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  • Charlie Arnot of CMA Consulting provides insight into the key consumer perceptions and values which will impact long-term buying trends at the Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City.

SwineCast 0480, Are You Ready For The Next Question?

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SwineCast 0420, Transportation Conference - Food Safety and Quality Conversations

SwineCast 0420 Show Notes:

  • The Swine Handling and Transport Forum immediately preceeds World Pork Expo in Des Moines.  A good reason to come a day early!
  • Breaking the ice on the converation you need to have with those around you.  "I'm a pork producer and proud of it.  And this is why that's important to you."  Conversation with past NPPC pres Jill Appell

SwineCast 0357 for November 18 2008

SwineCast 0357 Show Notes:

  • Talking with representatives from the Colorado Pork Producers about their agreement with the HSUS and why.
  • How a major university dealt with questions from the student body on animal welfare concerns and food service selections based on husbandry practices.  For additional information on the booklet developed by CFI, call the Center for Food Integrity at (816) 880-5360.
  • What Baby Boomers want and why... University of Manitoba discusses research with focus groups on issues the aging generation is concerned about as regards nutrition.

SwineCast 0335 for Sept 2 2008

SwineCast 0335 Show Notes:

  • Center for Food Integrity overviews recent consumer trust survey.  Meeting in Indianapolis Oct 8 and 9, 2008
  • Moving livestock waste to difference regions gets underwritten for trials
  • Performance-based Ag Pollution Controls.. Huh?
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