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Trend On China Pork Farm Scaling

Trend in Chinese Pork Production Back Yard to Large Scale From the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, this chart shows how pork production is gearing itself to support the Chinese consumer demand for pork [larger chart].

SwineCast Update for March 22, 2012, Legislative Policy and Pink Slime

SwineCast is across the beltway from Washington, D.C. this week for the National Pork Producers Council Legislative Action Conference. Over a hundred producers are talking with legislators on topics important to you. We'll be sharing key presentations from the conference but here's a teaser for you. NPPC's Vice-President for Domestic Policy, Audrey Adamson, joins us to discuss where her focus will be in coming months. Can you speak to these issues when asked by your legislator what's on your mind?

And ever had that sinking feeling you get when you see or hear something you KNOW can't be good? Beef producers got that as 'Pink Slime' grew into the issue that wouldn't die. Kansas State's John Gonzales shares what it is and what it does. 

Are There Market Struggles in Meat and Poultry Demand?

Jan 2012 Meyer Swine Economics

Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, provided an update on the state of the meat and poultry markets. His main take away is that the demand continued to struggle late 2011.

The bad news is that these "annual" numbers for 2011 have been getting worse and worse as the year has progressed.

Steve reminds us that the indexes only describe how demand is changing, not why a change is occurring. He believes consumer incomes and spending was the major negative force in the domestic market in 2011.

Charts below from Paragon Economics, using USDA data.

How Can Consumers Really Learn More About Food and Agriculture?

Food for Thought Andy Dietrick, Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc., presents Food for Thought, an initiative aimed at engaging Hoosiers in discussions about food and how it defines and reflects Indiana's culture and humanity in general.

Tim Belstra - Opening the Barn Doors to Connect With Your Community

Opening the Barn Doors to Connect With Your Community - Tim Belstra, President, Belstra Milling Co., Inc., from the 2011 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit, May 5-6, Arlington, VA, USA.

Pork Production: What Actually Is Involved?


Smithfield Foods recently published several videos aimed at helping consumers understand what actually occurs in pork production. These short videos focus on pork production, finishing, feeding, animal care, and the environment.

As pork producers, we do all we can to protect and enhance the environment around us. Discover more about our environmental protection efforts, including our manure management practices, which vary based on the farm's geographic location.

The videos show how piglets begin their life on a sow farm, what happens when they are moved to a nursery farm, and then to a finishing farm. Murphy-Brown employees also talk about the company's ISO 14001-certification, the international "gold" standard of environmental management, and offer unique insight regarding how the company cares for its animals.

Consumers Are Swayed by Animal Welfare Issues

Marketing to consumers must be factored into any animal agriculture policy and legislative fronts. The public exposure animal rights and animal welfare debates create also impact purchasing decisions by consumers.

Fighting ballot initiatives regarding the care and housing of farm/food animals might actually be poorly advised, according to a recent study by economists at Oklahoma State University. The analysis evaluated demand for eggs in selected California markets before and following the vote on the farm animal housing initiative -- Proposition 2, or "Prop 2" -- in 2008 in which California voters adopted Prop 2 by 66% of the vote.

Animal ag producers must understand the consumer market space and strategically think about how to approach ballot initiatives and new regulations.

"If this attention leads to undesirable consumer shifts in purchasing behaviors, industry stakeholders need to be cautious in developing strategies in response to ballot initiatives similar to Prop 2 in the future"

advises Glynn Tonsor, an agricultural economist at Kansas State University.

Terry Fleck - Why Do People Think I'm An Animal?

Why Do People Think I'm An Animal? - Terry Fleck - Center For Food Integrity, from the 2010 Midwest Pork Conference, September 15, 2010, Danville, IN, USA.

SwineCast 0586, Consumers Continue To Seek Convenience

mp3SwineCast 0586 Show Notes:
  • Conversation from Carthage Vet Service Conference with Ken Parnell of Parnell-Leaton Consulting.  What are consumers seeking at the meat case?
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