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The Midwest: Moving Toward North Carolina Winters and Arkansas Summers

Climate Change, Big Rains, And Impact On Lake ErieClimate Change, Big Rains, And Impact On Lake Erie Dr. Aaron Wilson, Ohio State University, shares that climate and weather are related but different. Dr. Wilson details the differences and their impact on growing crops. Dr. Wilson highlights data that shows how the growing zones are shifting and the impacts to agriculture. Dr. Wilson shares predictions that states like Ohio, through 2095, will move to having winters like North Carolina today and summers like Arkansas today [video].

SwineCast 0721, Attitude Helps With Today's Climate Issues

SwineCast 0721 Show Notes:
  • Dealing with today OK?  What about tomorrow?  Don Tyler of Tyler and Associates discusses some common sense steps to keeping your attitude in check for your health and those around you.  This one you might want to forward to your management team.   

SwineCast 0493, So... Is Carbon Legislation Good or Bad for Swine Industry?

Download mp3SwineCast 0493 Show Notes:
  • A group of Kansas State researchers evaluated several reviews of the House bill dealing with climate change and carbon credit markets to determine which segments of agriculture could be most affected.  Research assistant Bill Golden shares the results

SwineCast 0483, Climate Change Legislation Issues From NPPC's Environmental Council

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Cap-and-trade bill: What’s in it for me?

While President Obama is expected to focus on challenges in Afghanistan and a hefty new health care bill this week, many in the farm community are growingly concerned about the future of cap-and-trade legislation, and its implications for farmers. According to University of Illinois agricultural economist and environmental policy guru Madhu Khanna, there are both positive and negative consequences for American farmers in a climate bill that would define the nation’s first-ever mandatory limit on heat-trapping gases, in an effort to slow-down global warming effects.

SwineCast 0476, Climate Change Legislation Is Still Moving in Washington - What You Need To Know

Download mp3SwineCast 0476 Show Notes:
  • The climate for Climate Change Legislation in Washington is still stormy, its just hiding behind the health care debate clouds. American Farm Bureau Federation's Senior Director for Congressional Relations Rick Krause provides this update on an important topic.
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