The Midwest: Moving Toward North Carolina Winters and Arkansas Summers

Climate Change, Big Rains, And Impact On Lake ErieClimate Change, Big Rains, And Impact On Lake Erie Dr. Aaron Wilson, Ohio State University, shares that climate and weather are related but different. Dr. Wilson details the differences and their impact on growing crops. Dr. Wilson highlights data that shows how the growing zones are shifting and the impacts to agriculture. Dr. Wilson shares predictions that states like Ohio, through 2095, will move to having winters like North Carolina today and summers like Arkansas today [video].

SwineCast 0435, Climate Change Legislation May Burn Agriculture

SwineCast 0435 Show Notes:

  • Congressional Republicans say negotiation process has excluded ag interests and may permanently hamper competitive position worldwide

SwineCast 0422, Climate Conversations - What You Need To Watch For

SwineCast 0422 Show Notes:

  • NPPC's Chief Environmental Council Michael Formica joins us to review climate legislation and world talks which may impact your operation... and what it means to you
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