SwineCast 0878, PigTrace Canada Finding Use For Social Media

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SwineCast 0787, Canadian Producers Urged To Increase Biosecurity Efforts Before PEDV Crosses Border

SwineCast 0787 Show Notes:
  • Chair of the Canadian Swine Health Board, Florian Possberg, discusses current Canadian Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) situation with's Bruce Cochrane and looks at the potential for addiitonal problems this winter.

SwineCast 0767, Canadian Swine Health Information Network A Critical Link For Practitioners

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SwineCast 0759, Canadian Pork Council Director Outlines Possible Response To COOL WTO Finding

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SwineCast 0715, U.S. - Canadian Swine Industry Has Much In Common

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  • While the U.S. and Canada joust on issues like mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) and cross-border trade, the need for protein around the world should forge closer ties in the future.  National Pork Producers Council President R. C. Hunt talks with's Bruce Cochrane.

SwineCast 0660, Is Canada Increasing Lead In Animal Traceability?

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  • While the U.S. livestock traceability effort struggles to connect the dots, Jeff Clark, manager of PigTrace Canada, tells Bruce Cochrane the traceability program north of the border hopes to garner international market share while providing additional animal health benefits.

SwineCast 0601, Manitoba Moves To Provide Mortality Insurance To Province Pork Producers

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  • Bruce Cochrane reports on the recent announcement that Manitoba's government plans to enhance agricultural insurance programs including all peril mortality insurance for the hog sector.

SwineCast 0564, Canadian Efforts To Improve Marbling In Response To Consumer Preference

mp3SwineCast 0564 Show Notes:
  • Bruce Cochrane talks with Brian Sullivan, the director of the Canadian Center For Swine Improvement on government funding to improve pork marbling and further differentiate the Canadian product.

SwineCast 0535, Tracking The Canadian Herd Buyout And The Hog Industry Loan Loss Reserve Program

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SwineCast 0477, Research Update from the Prairie Swine Centre

Download mp3SwineCast 0477 Show Notes:
  • Conversation with Prairie Swine Centre President Lee Whittington as we look at research projects, producer attitudes and new areas of interest for the industry.
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