SwineCast 0231 for August 31 2007

SwineCast 0231 Show Notes:

  • Special Leadership program featuring Jeffrey Shames, past Chairman of MFS Investments and 'Executive In Residence' at MIT's Sloan School of Business

SwineCast 0230 for August 28 2007

SwineCast 0230 Show Notes:

  • China buying U.S. pork while complaining about residues. VOA reports on Blue Ear death losses.
  • MRLs discussion with Dr. Liz Wagstrom and link to pork.org MRL database.
  • Dr. Rick Tubbs discusses on-farm work with PRRS and Circo vaccines in real world conditions.

SwineCast 0229 for August 24 2007

SwineCast 0229 Show Notes:

  • Dr. Sam Baidoo looks at alternative sow housing
  • Improved herd health paying dividends for Dr. Karen Lehe

SwineCast 0228 for August 21 2007

SwineCast 0228 Show Notes:

  • VP of Legislative Affairs for the American Meat Institute discusses how we did on the farm bill and what's next
  • Accuracy in posted pigs highly suspect
  • Composting possible in combination with alternative housing

Finisher Mortality Classification Flowchart. Click on the image and use the magnifier to get good look/print.

Finisher Mortality Classification Flowchart

SwineCast 0227 for August 17 2007

SwineCast 0227 Show Notes:

  • Special Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) response plan program with Dr. Andrea Morgan of the USDA. Symptom photos

SwineCast 0226 for August 14 2007

SwineCast 0226 Show Notes:

  • FMD Update
  • Steve Hargis with South Central Swine Management Services looks at managing to limit variability and knowing costs
  • New long-term manure management study in Manitoba
  • Manure Tech 2007 on August 21
  • Don Tyler looks at personality type impact on management communications

SwineCast 0225 for August 10 2007

SwineCast 0225 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0224 for August 7 2007

SwineCast 0224 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0223 for August 3 2007

SwineCast 0223 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0222 for July 31 2007

SwineCast 0222 Show Notes:

  • Shelf life extenders double as E. Coli limiters
  • Swine manure affect on antibiotic resistance
  • John Lawrence at Iowa State looks at feed prices and live hogs
  • Omega 3 fatty acid primer from University of Nebraska
  • Transgenic cloning enables Omega 3 pork
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