SwineCast 1000, Two Guys Walk Into A Bob Evans... The SwineCast Story

SwineCast 1000 Show Notes:
  • Truffle Media Networks colleague and friend John Blue sits down with me to discuss the evolution of SwineCast.
  • And to hear Ned's voice on the ZippCast intro, find episode 0001 on ZippCast podcast on iTunes

SwineCast 0999, Evolution Of Swine Research At Prairie Swine Centre

SwineCast 0999 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0998, PRRS Research Review With K State's Bob Rowland

SwineCast 0998 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Bob Rowland, Kansas State microbiologist, talks with Agriculture Today's Sarah Moyer about the impact and importance of recent PRRS Research to the swine industry.

SwineCast 0997, Leman - Antibiotic Stewardship Overview For Your Neighbors

SwineCast 0997 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0996, NAFTA Roundtable Discusses Importance Of Trade

SwineCast 0996 Show Notes:
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce convened a roundtable discussion on the importance of international trade and specifically the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Minnesota producer Randy Spronk represented the pork industry.  Following the discussions, John Blue shares a short visit with Mr. Spronk.

SwineCast 0995, Leman - What Chinese Vets Think You Should Know

SwineCast 0995 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Keith Erlandson, Director of Veterinary Services, Swine Lines, for the CP Group China, shares his perspective on What Chinese Vets Think You Should Know..., from the 2017 Leman Conference Hot Topics session.

SwineCast 0994, DSM Hy-D Product Provides Swine Industry Additional Metabolite Option

SwineCast 0994 Show Notes:
  • DSM Swine Nutritionists Jeremiah Nemechek and Joe Hahn discuss the company's recent offering to the US swine industry, Hy-D Vitamin D Metabolite.

SwineCast 0992, Public Private Research Arrangements Have Served Industry Well

SwineCast 0992 Show Notes:
  • At the Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference Dr. Bob Easter, President Emeritus at the University of Illinois, discussed the history and future of agricultural research in the U.S.

SwineCast 0991, Sow Nutrition Supports Longevity And Productivity

SwineCast 0991 Show Notes:
  • Closely monitoring sow nutrition and intake can pay dividends through better conception rates and shorter rebreeding intervals according to Dr. Hyatt Frobose of Gestal. Bruce Cochrane with FarmScape notes this information and more will be presented at meetings in Winnepeg and Strathmore.
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