SwineCast 0519, PIF - New Ad Agency Introduced At Pork Industry Forum

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SwineCast 0518, PIF - A Marketer Looks At Pork Consumers

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  • At the Pork Industry Forum, long-time pork playmaker Mark Williams provided producers with a brief look at key audience groups and where their interests lie.  Good backgrounder from this architect of some of the pork industry's most important strategies over the past 20 years.

SwineCast 0517, PIF - CMA Shares Processor-Consumer Perspectives of Industry

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  • Charlie Arnot of CMA Consulting provides insight into the key consumer perceptions and values which will impact long-term buying trends at the Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City.

SwineCast 0516, Review of Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production

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SwineCast 0515, Group Takes Truth Of Animal Antibiotic Use To Capitol Hill

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  • Elite Pork's Dr. Craig Rowles joins a group of animal health professionals for give and take on Capitol Hill with legislators and staffers.  What really happened in Denmark?  Listen and load for your next congressional email.

SwineCast 0514, AASV - Updating The Mycotoxin Factsheet

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SwineCast 0513, Reducing Ammonia Volitilization By Feeding Char

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  • Researchers at the University of Georgia looking at ways to use utilize biofuel byproducts discover a process to limit ammonia volitilization by feeding 'char' to poultry.  Would it work for all monogastrics?

SwineCast 0512, Coalition To Support Iowa's Farmers Works To Keep Iowa Agriculture Growing

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SwineCast 0511, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Looks At The Future Of Business

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  • This special episode from Standford's School of Business 'View From The Top' speaker series looks at the future of business and corporate stakeholder.  Interesting perspective which may impact the way you view your company

SwineCast 0510, Banff - Consumer's Interest In Animal Husbandry Continues To Grow

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  • Bruce Cochrane of Farmscape.ca files this conversation with Professor of Animal Welfare at the University of Calgary Dr. Ed Pajor on growing consumer interest in livestock production practices.
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