SwineCast 1010, AASV - Aptimmune PRRS And Influenza Intranasal Vaccine Review

SwineCast 1010 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1009, Pork Forum - NPB CEO Bill Even's Report To Delegates

SwineCast 1009 Show Notes:
  • From Pork Forum in Kansas City, National Pork Board's CEO Bill Even shares his thoughts in his annual report to Forum delegates.

SwineCast 1008, ATM - Prevalence Of PRRS After Elimination Efforts Case Study

SwineCast 1008 Show Notes:
  • At The Meeting with Dr. Godon Spronk and Dr. Tom Wetzel, honoring Dr. Bob Morrison, returns to review ongoing PRRS on farms despite elimination efforts.  

SwineCast 1007, United Soybean Board User Panel Offers Proteins Perspective

SwineCast 1007 Show Notes:

  • Just as we're interested in our customers' perspective, our suppliers like to hear our likes and dislikes. At the United Soybean Board’s February meeting, a panel of animal nutritionists explained to soybean farmers what they’re looking for in their animals’ diets. With both the poultry and swine industries represented, we thought you'd find it of value. Panel members included Randy Mitchell, vice president, technical services at Perdue Farms, for the poultry industry perspective and Dr. Dean Boyd, technical director for The Hanor Company, for the swine industry perspective. Gordon Denny, USB’s soybean meal market analyst, moderated the panel.

SwineCast 1006, ATM - Special Two Part Episode On Gut Health - Part 2 of 2

SwineCast 1006 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1005, ATM - Special Two Part Episode On Gut Health - Part 1 of 2

SwineCast 1005 Show Notes:
  • At The Meeting returns with the first of a two part episode on gut health.  Drs. Gordon Spronk, Tom Wetzel, and, in memorial, Bob Morrison, are joined by Dr. Dana Beckler and Dr. Seth Kranz.

SwineCast 1004, Dietary Considerations With NDSU's Eric Berg

SwineCast 1004 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1003, ATM - Examines PED Monitoring Programs Via SHIC and SHMP

SwineCast 1003 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1002, ProFarmer's Jim Wiesemeyer Pulls Back The Curtain On Washington

SwineCast 1002 Show Notes:
  • Just in from the 2018 Iowa Pork Congress, Jim Wiesemeyer, of ProFarmer, shares his take on the politics behind action in Washington. The full video presentation will be available shortly at SwineCast.com/conferenceconnection.

SwineCast 1001, PED Conversations From Banff Swine Innovation Pork Session

SwineCast 1001 Show Notes:
  • The Banff Pork Seminar is one of the best conferences out there we just can't get to due to scheduling conflicts.  Farmscape.ca's Bruce Cochrane does a fine job of talking with key presenters there and kindly shares his conversations with the swine world at large.  First up Dr. Egan Brockhoff, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with Prairie Swine Health, discusses Western PED Outbreak: Manitoba's Case.  Next is Dr. Christine Pelland, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with Southwest Vet Services talking about the Eastern PED Outbreak: Lessons Learned.
  • Banff Special Report Blogsite
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