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Real Pig Farmers Making The Consumer Connection

Real Pig Farmers Our Barn Door is Open PanelReal Pig Farmers Open Doors National Pork Board officer Brad Greenway with pig farmers Erin Brenneman, Thomas Titus, and Chris Soules (ABC’s The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars), share their insight on how to reach out and connect with people who don't live, work, or connect with farms. A key conversation point each panelist aims to share is how to be transparent and listen to consumers.

Proactively Managing a Downturn

Staying Proactive in a Down MarketStaying Proactive in a Down Market Dr. Aaron J. Lower, Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd., talks about how to keep producers from jumping off the edge when markets and economics go up and down. Being consistent in production is hard and Dr. Lower suggests that veterinarians help provide perspective on approaches to maintain consistency. Dr. Lower shares key cost relationships and what focus areas farm operations should concentrate on: feed cost, wean pig cost, and facility cost.

Fluctuations Occur, Be Prepared

Swine Herd Health in Good Times and BadSwine Herd Health in Good Times and Bad Dr. Daryl Olsen, AMVC, LLC, shares how veterinarians can help pork farm operations with knowledge laced with experience. Dr. Olsen says pork production, for the most part, is a commodity business that has cycles that is now a highly international market. Dr. Olsen points out that input costs will fluctuate and operations people must plan for these changes. Dr. Olsen closes with key points focus on and to help farmers become better prepared for changes that will occur.

Trade Retaliation Clock Is Ticking?

U.S. on the Brink of Trade War with Canada and MexicoTrade War with Canada and Mexico? On June 17, the WTO will hold a meeting to hear formal requests from Mexico and Canada to retaliate against the United States because the U.S. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) law does not comply with international trade rules. Retaliation means costly Mexican and Canadian tariffs imposed on many U.S. products that are significant to the U.S. economy.

Under WTO rules, retaliation could happen as soon as this summer. Those nations are seeking more than $3 billion annually in retaliation which, if implemented, would have disastrous consequences for U.S. jobs and exports [video].

Improving Sow Lifetime Productivity

Sow Lifetime ProductivityMore To Sow Lifetime Productivity? Dr. Chris Hostetler, National Pork Board, points out the definition of Sow Lifetime Productivity and provides data that challenges some of the traditional views of improving Sow Lifetime Productivity. Dr. Hostetler offers research that can help improve productivity. Key take away: Improvement in sow lifetime productivity will substantially impact profitability of all phases of production.

Working Through The Swine Common Industry Audit

Swine Common Industry AuditDo You Know About The Swine Common Industry Audit? Sherrie Webb, National Pork Board, outlines the background of why the Swine Common Industry Audit exists and what producers need to know. Ms. Webb's take away: "Change is the one of the few things that stay the same" - continuous staff training and education is needed to keep the practice of swine production top of mind.

What Is The Secure Pork Supply Plan?

Secure Pork SupplyWhat Happens When Animal Diseases Shut Down Production? Dr. Pam Zaabel, Iowa State University, provides details on the Secure Pork Supply Plan, its tools, and information it uses. Of importance to producers is knowing how it works and what steps production staff will need to learn.

Antibiotics: Changes Are Coming to Farm Operations

Changes in antibiotic regulation What are Changes in Antibiotic Regulation? The U.S. FDA released new information on the use of antibiotics and agriculture. Dr. Jennifer Koeman, National Pork Board, and Dr. Harry Snelson, American Association Swine Veterinarians, break down the new changes and their implications. Dr. Koeman and Dr. Snelson also provide producers guidance points on what to do to prepare farms and staff.

The Future of Education For Veterinarians

How can we make our profession stronger now and in the future?Life Long Learning Dr. Jim Lowe, Lowe Consulting Limited, shares an approach to veterinarian education from "cradle to grave". Dr. Lowe suggests we [swine ecosystem] are not training to deliver what is needed, but there is a better way forward at hand. Dr. Lowe is proposing that the future of veterinary care is building a path of life long learning to have facts that build "to understanding to application to creation, over a lifetime of a career." Building the culture of life long learning is key.

Animal Welfare Today, And Tomorrow?

Pig Welfare - Doing what is right for the pig.Doing what is right for the pig Dr. Angela Baysinger, Health Assurance Veterinarian at PIC, Dr. Baysinger shares background information on who is leading the charge on advancing and improving animal welfare. Dr. Baysinger says "We will do what is right for the Pig! No matter what the challenge!".
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