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Commit To Engaging Over Time

Cracking the Code on Food Issues: Consumer Insights on Animal AgricultureConsumer Beliefs on Food and Ag Allyson Perry shares how the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) works and what they aim to achieve: To build consumer trust and confidence in today’s food system. Ms. Perry provides detailed analysis of various aspects of how consumers they feel about food and agriculture. Three key demographic groups CFI focuses on are moms, millennials, and foodies. Key take aways for people in agriculture from the CFI survey series: Believability is a key driver in creating information that is trusted; Develop a values based engagement strategy that starts with listening and embracing skepticism; and Commit to engaging over time.

Risks In Pork Production

Profit Tracker 2015: Economic OutlookLooking At Economics Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, details the factors that will drive the year in pork. Fundamental shifts in the grain and oil seed supply / demand. We have gone through the growth years in biofuels and the prices are now down to more reasonable levels. Dr. Meyer suggests risks to monitor: trade issues, PEDv impact on pre-weaning mortality falls to near zero, and demand weakening.

Iowa Regulations

Iowa Regulations & Nuisance Case UpdateNuisance Case Updates Eldon McAfee provides his updates on the State of Iowa environmental regulations and nuisance cases. Mr. McAfee states that most nuisance litigation is dependent on where you live and who you live next to. Mr. McAfee details the specifics on the Iowa regulations and what farm operations must do and be aware of.

Understanding PEDv

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus - Research & DiagnosticsPEDv Research & Diagnostics Dr. Darin Madson, Iowa State University, talks about how veterinary diagnostic labs seek and find Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv). Dr. Madson offers the science details on PEDv and what characteristics the virus contains. Dr. Madson closes with approaches to research on PEDv treatments.

Connecting With Consumers

Transparency and Agri-TourismTransparency and Agri-Tourism Jon Hoek tells the background of Belstra Milling Company and its involvement in the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure. Mr. Hoek shares there is a paradox: Mandates for expedited timelines for perceived animal welfare gains may actually cause fatal unintended consequences for the pig. And this may be a tactic by activists to exploit the animal and question the ethical / moral validity of animal agriculture altogether. His challenge to pork farmers: Create courageous solutions to connect with consumers and be transparent.

Foaming at the Pit

Foaming at the Pit: A Research UpdateFoaming Research Update Drs. Steve Hoff, Andersen, and Kerr share research on manure pit foaming and what operations need to keep an eye on. Their research aims to find and correct the mechanisms of foaming so the risks to operations staff and animals is minimized. They offer some key finding on what might be related to causing manure to foam and what can practically be done to reduce the effect.

Telling your Farming Story Through Social Media

Pulsing the Positives: Telling your Farming Story Through Social MediaPulsing the Positives Erin Brenneman, Washington County, Iowa, Pork Producer, tells how she uses social media with the purpose of sharing agriculture. Erin, a city girl, married a pork farmer from Iowa. She uses her city background and the myths that city people have about farm people to point out they are not all true and points out what really happens on farms. Her challenge to farmers: Farmers will not win trust with just 10 strong voices - it is going to have to take a lot more: Open up and express your passion!

What About The Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus?

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virusUnderstanding This PED Virus in Practice Dr. Matt Anderson, Suidae Health and Production, shares his veterinarian practice experience in dealing with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv). Dr. Anderson points out that PEDv tested the assumptions of how to handle animal diseases and what protocols were and were not in place. He concludes with the message to prodders that trucks need to be clean, clean, clean. And he suggests there needs to be thought in to how international trade is protected from future outbreaks of animal diseases.

Changing Times, Changing Tastes

Changing Times, Changing Tastes: Putting More Pork on the PlateUnderstand The Protein Trends Nancy Kruse, President, The Kruse Company, provides insight into consumer views on food and protein. She covers the trends she is tracking, what they mean for consumers and protein producers, and issues that are driving behavior. Key take aways: there are trends that the pork industry must take advantage of in order to have pork continue to be on the plate.

Animal Diseases Will Always Be Around, What Are We Doing?

Emerging Disease Response Planning Updates, Working on Our PreparednessWorking on Our Preparedness Dr. Paul Sundberg, Vice President, Science and Technology, National Pork Board, outlines what the past porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) has done to change approaches to dealing with animal diseases. Dr. Sundberg details the Swine Pathogen Matrix Project and the changes implemented to work through swine diseases as they appear and staying prepared.
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