SwineCast 0396, Air Emissions Ruling Review - Liquid Feeding

SwineCast 0396 Show Notes:

  • Iowa State's Roger McEowen reviews a recent court ruling on air emissions that many in agriculture may misunderstand
  • Liquid feeding proponent shares his best learnings and biggest mistake

SwineCast 0390, MRSA Presentation - An Update On Research And Impact

SwineCast 0390 Show Notes:

  • Presentation from Banff Swine Conference with Dr Bob Friendship.  A review of current MRSA research and theories on sourcing and possible control of the bug.

SwineCast 0383, Route Back to Production Profitability and Efficiency

SwineCast 0383 Show Notes:

  • Dermotte Hayes of Iowa State presents his thoughts on returning to profitability at the Banff Pork Conference
  • FeedLogic's Drew Ryder looks at the market and tools to maximize feed efficiency

SwineCast 0377, Evolution of production software

SwineCast 0377 Show Notes:

  • Conversation with MetaFarms Tom Stein on the evolution of production software and what the perfect system would do

SwineCast 0375, Managing for profitable production and a look at the Canadian pork industry

SwineCast 0375 Show Notes:

  • Canadian correspondent Bruce Cochrane logs in with interviews from Banff.  Peace Pork's Rocky Morrell shares his thoughts on managing for profitable production.
  • Jerry Bouma of Toma and Bouma Consulting looks at the future of the Canadian industry and significant changes that will need to be made

SwineCast 0374, Food safety conversation: consumer trust of food safety

SwineCast 0374 Show Notes:

  • Food safety conversation with Maple Leaf representatives following the massive recall last year.  What went wrong... and what they did right
  • Speakers at the Center for Food Integrity's Annual Summit look at food safety as a key component of consumer trust and business profitability

SwineCast 0373, Filtering for PRRS and the economic realities

SwineCast 0373 Show Notes:

  • From the Banff Pork Seminar in Banff, Alberta, CA, Swine Vet Center's Darwin Reicks shares the groups experience in filtering for PRRS and the economic realities of such a decision.  Drop us a line to continue the discussion at
  • Iowa State's Jeff Zimmerman discusses his presentation following the International PRRS Symposium on easy sampling methods for PRRS and other pathogens.  In fact he specifically says "Do this, go drink a cup of coffee, come back and you're done."  Breaktime!
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