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SwineCast 0829, At The Meeting - PEDv Update From The Morrison Group

SwineCast 0829 Show Notes:
  • Bob Morrison and The Morrison Group dig deep for the latest Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus findings including: 1) National PEDv Incidence Report; 2) Impact on Production and 3) Time to Stability.
  • Link to the Allen D. Leman Conference agenda

SwineCast 0799, ATM - Lowering the Risk and Impact of PRRS Breaks

SwineCast 0799 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0793, ATM - Injectable Vaccination Protocols and Compliance

SwineCast 0793 Show Notes:
  • At The Meeting's Morrison Group dives deep on best use of vaccines and ensuring protocols are helping you gain maximum benefit.

SwineCast 0781, 'At The Meeting' Reviews Early Days Of PEDV And Updates Recent Findings

SwineCast 0781 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Bob Morrison's At The Meeting digs deep on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) diagnostics and field findings as we join the Morrison Group roundtable discussion.

SwineCast 0743, At The Meeting Revisits Using Herd Closure To Eliminate PRRSv With Review Of Recent Research

SwineCast 0743 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0743a, Special 'At The Meeting' Preview - Herd Closure For PRRS Control Research Discussion

SwineCast 0743a Show Notes:
  • Previewing the next "At The Meeting" as The Morrison Group revisits herd closure for PRRS control.

SwineCast 0722, At The Meeting - Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Diagnosis and Treatment

SwineCast 0722 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Bob Morrison from the University of Minnesota assembles an Olympic-caliber team to review what we know about Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae and why it's important for your health team to get it right... on this special episode of At The Meeting!

SwineCast 0722A - Special At The Meeting Preview - What's The Latest On Mycoplasma?

SwineCast 0722A Show Notes:
  • Previewing the next "At The Meeting" episode.  This time Dr. Bob Morrison discusses the upcoming Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae check up.

SwineCast 0707, At The Meeting - What Happened At Denver AASV?

Download mp3SwineCast 0707 Show Notes:
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