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SwineCast 0891, ATM - What We Know About Influenza Vaccines, Part 3 of 3

SwineCast 0891 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0890, ATM - Influenza And Herd Health - Part 2 of 3

SwineCast 0890 Show Notes:
  • In part 2 of this series on IAV, the Morrison Group is joined by UMN's Dr. Montse Torremorell for a review of influenza research and herd spread learnings.
  • Link to part 1 of this series.

SwineCast 0888, ATM - Understanding Influenza Terminology - Part 1 of 3

SwineCast 0888 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Marie Culhane, internationally recognized expert on influenza in swine, joins Dr. Bob Morrison on At The Meeting to discuss influenza from a producer's perspective and shed light on the naming conventions you may encounter.  Part 1 of a 3 part series on Influenza from the Morrison Group.

SwineCast 0883, At The Meeting Case Study Goes In Depth On Seneca Valley Virus

SwineCast 0883 Show Notes:
  • In this ATM Case Study, the Morrison Group discusses the Seneca Valley Virus. The group is joined by Dr. Daniel Linhares (Iowa State University), Dr. Fabio Vannucci (University of Minnesota) and Dr. Chris Rademacher (Iowa State University) to discuss Seneca Valley Virus' recent South and North American diagnoses, how to properly diagnose, the clinical impact of the virus and management strategies.

SwineCast 0876, ATM - PRRS 1-7-4 Case Study with The Morrison Group

SwineCast 0876 Show Notes:
  • In this At The Meeting Case Series, the Morrison Group along with Dr. Mike Murtaugh (University of Minnesota) discuss the sequence information available on the recent PRRS 1-7-4 strain. The group is also joined by Dr. Sara Hough (Prestage Farms) and Dr. Josh Duff (Maxwell Food) to discuss PRRS 1-7-4 breaks, clinical impact of the virus and control strategies.

SwineCast 0873, ATM - PDNS Case Review

SwineCast 0873 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0872, ATM - Developing PED Immunity

SwineCast 0872 Show Notes:
  • The Morrison Group discusses the transfer and development of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus with Dr. Linda Saif, professor at the Center for Microbial Interface Biology at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Saif presented at this year's AASV conference and will be delivering a keynote presentation at the 2015 Leman Conference coming in September.

SwineCast 0871, ATM - Recent PED Experience

SwineCast 0871 Show Notes:
  • The Morrison Group discusses recent PEDv outbreaks in part 2 of a 3 part series looking at Porcine Epidemic Diahrrea Virus impact on the US swine herd.  

SwineCast 0868, ATM - PEDv One Year Later

SwineCast 0868 Show Notes:
  • The Morrison Group returns in part 1 of a 3 part series to look at Porcine Epidemic Diahrrea Virus impact on the US swine herd.  Today's discussion centers on the Swine Health Monitoring Program.

SwineCast 0866, 'At The Meeting' Reviews Ear Necrosis In Canadian Herd

SwineCast 0866 Show Notes:
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