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SwineCast 0647, PRRS Elimination Project Underway At Pipestone On At The Meeting

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SwineCast 0622, What is Happening in PRRS Research?

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  • Dr. Bob Morrison's At The Meeting crew looks at a notable Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome presentation by practitioner Dr. Darwin Reicks given at last fall's Leman Conference.

SwineCast 0614, What Happened At The International Pig Veterinary Society?

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  • Dr. Bob Morrison from the University of Minnesota joins us for At The Meeting as the Morrison group reviews presentations from IPVS 2010 (International Pig Veterinary Society) in Vancouver.  Joining Dr. Morrison is Dr Gordon Spronk with the Pipestone System, Boehringer Ingelheims's Dr. Tom Wetzel and Dr Jeff Husa, MN Pork Producer Robert Barsch and Allison Collins, research Scientist from Australia.  Supplemental files follow.
  • IPVS2010 AUSPIG Final.pdf
  • IPVS2010 Variation-final.pdf
  • Reduced muscle.pdf
  • Reduced muscle-IPVS2010- Final.pdf

SwineCast 0565, Presentations Reviews from the Omaha American Association of Swine Veterinarians Meeting

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  • The Morrison Group reviews the disease and pathogen elimination presentation from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, meeting held in March 2010. Dr. Gordon D. Spronk, Pipestone Veterinary Clinic and Pipestone System; Dr. Mark Engle, PIC; Dr. Luc Dufresne, Seaboard Foods; and Dr. Jean Paul Cano, Boehringer Ingelheim, go over some of the presentation highlights and impacts to pork producers and swine veterinarians.

SwineCast 0542, Managing Enzootic Pneumonia Discussion With At The Meeting Team

mp3SwineCast 0542 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Bob Morrison's At The Meeting Group is back to discuss managing Enzootic Pneumonia issues with special guests Dr. Jim Lowe of the Carthage Vet Service and Dr. Erin Johnson, professional services veterinarian at Boehringer-Ingelheim.

SwineCast 0508, At The Meeting - Discussing The Recent International PRRS Symposium

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  • Dr. Bob Morrison and the Morrison Group break down the presentations and information from the International PRRS Conference and the attendent Boehringer-Ingelheim PRRS symposium in Chicago in this most recent 'At The Meeting' episode.

SwineCast 0485, 'At The Meeting' Crew Roundtable on Mycoplasma Research

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SwineCast 0423, At The Meeting Looks At H1N1

SwineCast 0423 Show Notes:
  • Dr Bob Morrison's 'At The Meeting' group discusses the science behind H1N1 and industry issues around the illness

    Are we in the midst of a pandemic scare? How does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rationalize herd quarantines and movement restrictions? What preventative measures can you take?

    The genes responsible for naming the influenza virus are explained by Marie Gramer, diagnostician with the University of Minnesota Department of Veterinary Population Medicine (VPM), and Harry Nelson, Director of Communications with the American Association of Swine Practitioners.

    According to Gramer, the disease’s name comes from the emergent pathway of the pig, in part, due to its DNA fingerprint. But, is it evolving and why is the pig labeled as the mixing vesicle?
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