SwineCast 0534, PAMTA - Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act Being Pushed By Union Of Concerned Scientists

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SwineCast 0522, PIF - AVMA Update On Antibiotic Resistance Facts

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SwineCast 0516, Review of Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production

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SwineCast 0515, Group Takes Truth Of Animal Antibiotic Use To Capitol Hill

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  • Elite Pork's Dr. Craig Rowles joins a group of animal health professionals for give and take on Capitol Hill with legislators and staffers.  What really happened in Denmark?  Listen and load for your next congressional email.

SwineCast 0509, Answering Your Neighbors And Legislators Following CBS' Antibiotic Ag Use Story

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SwineCast 0497, Washington Worries... You're Here To Help Me What ?!?!?

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  • Washington isn't finished with health care but is moving to help again... The debate on use of antibiotics in animal production will get hot and heavy in 2010 and your congressional communication pipelines need to be checked ASAP. Dr. Jennifer Greiner, National Pork Producers Council, shares thoughts with Ned Arthur about the potential for new antibiotics legislation led by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

SwineCast 0441, FDA Testifies to Limit Antibiotic Access for Animal Agriculture

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  • FDA uses low level committee meeting to initiate aggressive testimony limiting access to antibiotics for animal agriculture

SwineCast 0399, Legislation Introduced To Stop Use of Animal Health Products In U.S.

SwineCast 0399 Show Notes:

  • A bill sponsored by Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., would ban the use in livestock of animal health products that prevent or control diseases.  This is bad legislation based on bad science.  Our guests tell you why it should be defeated and how to contact your congressmen.  Link to additional info at NPPC.

SwineCast 0325 for July 28 2008

SwineCast 0325 Show Notes:

  • Manitoba Pork expects production to shift to western Canada
  • AVMA testifies no additional antibiotic regulation is needed
  • Dr Trevor Smith at Univ of Guelph says current testing may under-report vomitoxin contamination... and you may pay the price

SwineCast 0222 for July 31 2007

SwineCast 0222 Show Notes:

  • Shelf life extenders double as E. Coli limiters
  • Swine manure affect on antibiotic resistance
  • John Lawrence at Iowa State looks at feed prices and live hogs
  • Omega 3 fatty acid primer from University of Nebraska
  • Transgenic cloning enables Omega 3 pork
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