Animal disease

Checkoff Role in Animal Disease Outbreaks

IMAGETITLEAnimal Disease Outbreaks and Checkoff Groups Dr. Patrick Webb, Director of Swine Programs – National Pork Board; and Dr. Sebastian E. Heath VetMB PhD, Branch Chief for Program Development - FEMA, provide perspective on the need to continuously be alert for issues and develop people to be ready in an animal disease emergency response situation. One of their critical roles is to meet with producers to learn of their needs and issues plus provide educational directions with respect to animal disease preparedness.

How Are Transportation and Disease Linked?

Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, Iowa State University, shares historical vignettes that highlight how transportation and disease have always been linked. Understanding this connection can help those in agriculture identify and eradicate animal diseases. From the 2010 International PRRS Symposium, December 3 - 4, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA.

NAIS is Out, Animal Disease Traceability is in – Translate, Please!

Animal ID, What Next? It’s no secret that the USDA’s National Animal ID System (NAIS) has encountered its fair share of critisism during its first six years on the drawing board. In fact, following hearing sessions hosted by the USDA last year, industry buffs called the program unworkable and unnecessary.
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