SwineCast 0383, Route Back to Production Profitability and Efficiency

SwineCast 0383 Show Notes:

  • Dermotte Hayes of Iowa State presents his thoughts on returning to profitability at the Banff Pork Conference
  • FeedLogic's Drew Ryder looks at the market and tools to maximize feed efficiency

SwineCast 0382, Why it is important to have documented HR policies in place.

SwineCast 0382 Show Notes:

  • Jeff Kiser of Suidae Animal Health relates his experience with HSUS and why policies are important to have in place and documented; From the the Human Resources program during the Iowa Pork Congress

SwineCast 0381, Common-sense recruiting promotion ideas and retention programs

SwineCast 0381 Show Notes:

  • The Human Resources Panel from the Iowa Pork Congress continues with Crystal Klug of PST's discription of their common-sense recruiting promotion ideas and retention programs

SwineCast 0380, Working with a Hispanic workforce in the food industry

SwineCast 0380 Show Notes:

  • Orlando Gill of Seaboard Foods shares his experience in working with a Hispanic workforce in the food industry with attendees of the Iowa Pork Congress

SwineCast 0379, Pros and cons of various mortality disposal

SwineCast 0379 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0378, Electronic training and collaboration support

SwineCast 0378 Show Notes:

  • New website provides collaboration space for multi-specie diagnostic interaction.  DiagnosticSpeak.com
  • Electronic training and collaboration support sure to grow in importance according to Iowa State

SwineCast 0377, Evolution of production software

SwineCast 0377 Show Notes:

  • Conversation with MetaFarms Tom Stein on the evolution of production software and what the perfect system would do

SwineCast 0376, The future of protein demand worldwide

SwineCast 0376 Show Notes:

  • Novus International's Dr. Giovanni Gasperoni looks at meeting current nutritional needs, expanding demand for probiotics, and the future protein demand worldwide

SwineCast 0375, Managing for profitable production and a look at the Canadian pork industry

SwineCast 0375 Show Notes:

  • Canadian correspondent Bruce Cochrane logs in with interviews from Banff.  Peace Pork's Rocky Morrell shares his thoughts on managing for profitable production.
  • Jerry Bouma of Toma and Bouma Consulting looks at the future of the Canadian industry and significant changes that will need to be made

SwineCast 0374, Food safety conversation: consumer trust of food safety

SwineCast 0374 Show Notes:

  • Food safety conversation with Maple Leaf representatives following the massive recall last year.  What went wrong... and what they did right
  • Speakers at the Center for Food Integrity's Annual Summit look at food safety as a key component of consumer trust and business profitability
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