SwineCast 0438, 4th of July Management Special

SwineCast 0438 Show Notes:

  • Special presentation from MIT's Innovative Leadership Series featuring Emmanuel Maceda of Bain Management Consulting.  "Innovative Leadership During Economic Crisis"

SwineCast 0437, Time to Talk About FDA Inspectors On Your Operation

SwineCast 0437 Show Notes:

  • Expanded FDA jurisdiction and inspections of animal agriculture operations in the name of food safety continue to play in Washington.  A few changes since the World Pork Expo don't lessen the potential seriousness of this issue as we talk with Dr Jen Greiner

SwineCast 0436, Looking Back At PRP And To Future Profitability

SwineCast 0436 Show Notes:

  • AgStar's Mark Greenwood joins us for a look at the short-lived Producer Retirement Program and a need to look at the industry in a new light

SwineCast 0435, Climate Change Legislation May Burn Agriculture

SwineCast 0435 Show Notes:

  • Congressional Republicans say negotiation process has excluded ag interests and may permanently hamper competitive position worldwide

SwineCast 0434, A Look At Torque Teno Virus (TTV) with Carthage Vet Service

SwineCast 0434 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0433, Economist Looks at Impact of Prop 2 Like Legislation in Ohio

SwineCast 0433 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0432, WPE - Pork Academy Looks At Hispanic Labor Future

SwineCast 0432 Show Notes:

  • From the Pork Academy at the World Pork Expo, Orlando Gil provides us with an interesting perspective on multicultural farm labor employment, reasons for immigration, and the barriers they encounter.

    As the average age of farm operators continues to escalate, in spite of spiraling unemployment, Hispanics and other minorities are facing challenges that impact farm productivity. How are they engaging social issues and mainstream impressions and how does that impact your potential for hiring workers?

    Gil examines a few of our options, such as high school students, immigration alternatives, and other issues worth considering.

SwineCast 0430, WPE - Why WHO Is Concerned About H1N1 and You Should Be, Too

SwineCast 0430 Show Notes:

Dr Greg StephensonI have been among the group which is curious why the World Health Organization has shown such alarm about the current H1N1 strain. Dr. Greg Stephenson, Iowa State Veterinary Diagnostics Lab, raises the million dollar question regarding restricted movements and quarantines, with respect to H1N1.

SwineCast 0429, Producer Retirement Program Questions and Answers

SwineCast 0429 Show Notes:
Industry buzz on the Producer Retirement Program continues. This question and answer portion from the first webinar presented on June 9th walks thru questions from producers and allied industry members. Answering are AgStar's Mark Greenwood and PRP Chairman Chuck Wirtz.

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