SwineCast 0509, Answering Your Neighbors And Legislators Following CBS' Antibiotic Ag Use Story

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SwineCast 0508, At The Meeting - Discussing The Recent International PRRS Symposium

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  • Dr. Bob Morrison and the Morrison Group break down the presentations and information from the International PRRS Conference and the attendent Boehringer-Ingelheim PRRS symposium in Chicago in this most recent 'At The Meeting' episode.

SwineCast 0507, Adding Glycerol Increases Methane Output From Swine Manure

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  • Canadian correspondant Bruce Cochrane of Farmscape.ca files this interesting conversation about using glycerol to increase the methane production of swine manure in anaerobic digestion.

SwineCast 0506, MN Pork Congress - Swine Carbon Footprint with Dave Thoma

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  • Dr Greg Thoma shares research underway at the Univerity of Arkansas on the total carbon load from today's pork industry from conception to shelf.  This is a special audio excerpt from the Minnesota Pork Congress.  The full video presentation is available here. 

SwineCast 0505, Managing Risk Iowa Pork Congress Presentation with Mark Greenwood

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SwineCast 0504, Market Review and Comments with Dr Steve Meyer

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SwineCast 0503, Danisco Researching Grain Phosphorus Content Variations by Location

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  • Danisco's Janet Remus discusses a project which identifies Phosphorus content variations in grain sources by location, updating information decades old which is even more important with today's DDGs diets

SwineCast 0502, Mycotoxin Management and Feeding Tips From Kemin

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  • Corn and swine producers throughout the midwest share heightened concern about mold levels with this year's crop.  I talked with Dr. Andy Yersin, director of research and development for Kemin Agrifoods North America, about the mycotoxin issues we're dealing with this year.

SwineCast 0501, Time For A New Canadian Pork Marketing Model?

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  • The Banff Swine Seminar brings excellent presentations and industry leaders to Alberta. Canadian correspondent Bruce Cochrane of Farmscape.ca talks with the Executive Director of the Canadian Pork Council, Martin Rice, about the changes in the industry

SwineCast 0500, Minnesota Pork Congress Agenda Overview with Trudy Wastweet

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