SwineCast 0465, Striving for 30 P/S/Y at Midwest Pork Conference

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  • Making the right decisions to reach 30 pigs per sow per year. Dr Tom Gillespie of Rennselaer Swine Services shares tips and considerations in reaching and exceeding the number we've used as a goal for some time. Conversations from the 2009 Midwest Pork Conference.

SwineCast 0464, FDA Perspective on Food Safety - What You Need To Know

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SwineCast 0463, Tracking Midwest Corn Crop Progress

Download mp3SwineCast 0463 Show Notes: Elwynn Taylor's Weather Tweet Sheet mentioned by Roger.

SwineCast 0462, Boar Taint Reduction Genetic Goal

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SwineCast 0461, No New Construction and Increased Vertical Integration - Greenwood

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  • AgStar's Mark Greenwood comments on the state of the industry and important changes which must be made. In his recent SwineCast Blog, Mark also notes that producers must speak out for their industry and production practices to help shape perception and turn the tide.

SwineCast 0460, Washington Update at Carthage Vet Annual Conference

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  • NPPC's Dr Jen Greiner updates attendees at the 2009 Carthage Vet Service Annual Swine Health Conference on the key issues and concerns pork producers face in the Washington beltway.

SwineCast 0459, Not Just What It Is But What To Do About H1N1 This Fall

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  • Carthage Vet Service partner Dr Jim Lowe looks at the reality of H1N1, why it's still making news, and what to consider for your operation's best practices this fall. From the 2009 Carthage Vet Service Annual Swine Conference in Macomb, IL, USA.

SwineCast 0458, Engaging Employees Increases Productivity and Profits

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  • Selected information from Carthage Vet Service Annual Swine Conference in Macomb, IL, USA. Dr Larry Firkins describes an engaged employee and illustrates why they are so important to your organization. And how you can encourage engagement regardless of your current financial condition. Feel free to pass this one along to your management team.

SwineCast 0457, The Earthquakes Yet To Come - DiPietre

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SwineCast 0456, Use Competition To Motivate Innovation

Download mp3SwineCast 0456 Show Notes:

  • Dr.  Fiona Murray at MIT's Sloan School of Management recommends setting up a competition to get those creative, problem solving juices flowing in your organization.  
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