SwineCast 0898, Stable Gilts Improve Conception

SwineCast 0898 Show Notes:
  • A conversation with Dr. George Foxcroft looking at factors that impact gilt conception rates and how to best manage them.

SwineCast 0897, New Safer Disinfectant Now Available

SwineCast 0897 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0896, COOL Legislation Repeal Deadline Is Now

SwineCast 0896 Show Notes:
  • Nick Giordano Vice President and Counsel, Global Government Affairs for the National Pork Producers Council explains why Mandatory COOL action must be taken by the Senate to stop significant retaliation by Canada and Mexico.

SwineCast 0895, Antibiotics Resistance And Legislators, Consumers, Producers... And Consumer Reports

SwineCast 0895 Show Notes:
  • How the industry is moving toward implementation of labeled use changes for antibiotics and discussing those changes with consumers and key retailers of pork products, NPPC Vice President of Industry Relations Dallas Hockman also looks at the mis-informed and misleading Consumer Reports antibiotic resistance article.
  • Link to consumer reports article

SwineCast 0894, Leman Pre-Conference Reproductive Workshop Review

SwineCast 0894 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0893, Vaccine for Illeitus Providing Good ROI

SwineCast 0893 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Mike Eisenmenger from Swine Vet Services discusses their use of Enterisol vaccine on Lawsonia-based Illeitus in their client operations.
  • Additional background info

SwineCast 0892, What You Need To Know About FDA Rule Changes And Herd Health Management

SwineCast 0892 Show Notes:
  • Chief veterinarian for the National Pork Producers Council, Dr. Liz Wagstrom discusses upcoming changes in managing herd health products, who needs to be involved in the record trail and what to watch for.

SwineCast 0891, ATM - What We Know About Influenza Vaccines, Part 3 of 3

SwineCast 0891 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0890, ATM - Influenza And Herd Health - Part 2 of 3

SwineCast 0890 Show Notes:
  • In part 2 of this series on IAV, the Morrison Group is joined by UMN's Dr. Montse Torremorell for a review of influenza research and herd spread learnings.
  • Link to part 1 of this series.

SwineCast 0889, Washington Needs Watching...

SwineCast 0889 Show Notes:
  • Dan Kovich, NPPC assistant director of Science and Technology shares outcomes of recent work on the new dietary guidelines (a serious over-reach avoided) and children's nutrition programs (important to maintain) and issues which may not be on the top of a producers agenda.
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