SwineCast 0910, Atlantic Live Hosts "Resistance: The Antibiotics Challenge, an Atlantic Forum"

SwineCast 0910 Show Notes:
  • The National Pork Board recently underwrote a live forum put on by a division of The Atlantic Monthly magazine looking at the antibiotic use and resistance question from several perspectives.  The link to the full video online at TheAtlantic.com is live.  Here we share the final audio portion of the program which provides good background and food for thought.
  • Link to "Resistance: The Antibiotics Challenge, an Atlantic Forum" video

SwineCast 0909, Ceva Animal Health Swine Division Welcomed To Industry

SwineCast 0909 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0908, NPPC CEO Neil Dierks Reports To 2016 Pork Industry Forum Delegates

SwineCast 0908 Show Notes:
  • Pork Forum 2016 coverage continues with this report to the NPPC delegates by National Pork Producers Council CEO Neil Dierks.  It's about 15 minutes into the report when Dierks reviews background on the HSUS USDA Pork Trademark lawsuit and shares an interesting exchange between a legislator from North Carolina and Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack. You will want to talk with your congressman after hearing this. The Secretary later backpedaled from these recorded comments. 
  • Link to NPPC's Washington Report Year In Review

SwineCast 0907, NPPC President Prestage Welcomes Pork Forum 2016 Delegates

SwineCast 0907 Show Notes:
  • Past National Pork Producers Council President Dr. Ron Prestage shares delegate comments during Pork Industry Forum 2016.

SwineCast 0906, Pork Forum - NPB Outgoing President Derrick Sleezer Shares Lessons Learned

SwineCast 0906 Show Notes:

  • Outgoing National Pork Board President Derrick Sleezer addresses 2016 National Pork Industry Forum delegates, sharing lessons learned in golf which are applicable in our industry and many others.

SwineCast 0905, Pork Forum - Dr. Lonnie King Outlines Antibiotic Resistance Discussion

SwineCast 0905 Show Notes:
  • From the 2016 National Pork Industry Forum, The Ohio State University's Dr. Lonnie King addresses delegates during the producer update session on issues related to human and animal health antibiotics use.

SwineCast 0904, VFD Changes Call For New Management Collaborations

SwineCast 0904 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0903, What Does Your Neighbor Know About FDA Vet Feed Directive Changes?

SwineCast 0903 Show Notes:
  • While organizations are working hard to share important changes with livestock producers throughout the U.S., there is some concern about the smaller producer and those in outlying areas getting the message.  NPB's Dr. Dave Pyburn explains what is going on.
  • Link to Dr. Pyburn's Missouri Pork Expo presentation

SwineCast 0902, At The Meeting Discusses Recent Delta Coronavirus Breaks

SwineCast 0902 Show Notes:
  • The Morrison Group looks at Swine Delta Coronavirus drawing comparisons with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus diagnosis and biosecurity.

SwineCast 0901, NIAA ABX Symposium Review and Take Aways

SwineCast 0901 Show Notes:
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