SwineCast 0820, Indiana Pork's New Exec Looks At Expanding Research

SwineCast 0820 Show Notes:
  • As new Executive Director Josh Trenary picks up the reins at Indiana Pork, the industry reels from PEDv but looks to the future.

SwineCast 0819, Global Vet Link Connects Vets And Herd Records

SwineCast 0819 Show Notes:
  • Carthage Vet Service's Dr. Aaron Lower shares his experience with Global Vet Links online record management system.  Is it a solution for your health records system?

SwineCast 0818, Reaching Out To Millennials Focus Of Animal Ag Alliance 2014 Stakeholder Summit

SwineCast 0818 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0817, Manitoba Town Hall Discussion On PEDv

SwineCast 0817 Show Notes:
  • Good information widely shared thanks to Bruce Cochrane and Farmscape.ca.  The Manitoba Pork Council pulled together several sources and experts to update producers on PEDv, where it's at and what's happening on the front lines.

SwineCast 0816, Pork Summit - The Place To Be For Chefs

SwineCast 0816 Show Notes:
  • Pork Summit is the grand prize which awaits the winners of the various 'Taste of Excellence' events we enjoy throughout the midwest. Ceci Snyder, Vice President of Domestic Marketing for the National Pork Board shares what Pork Summit is about and why it connects the dots on center plate preparations.

SwineCast 0815, NPPC Presser Shares Critical Details On Trans-Pacific Partnership Discussion

SwineCast 0815 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0814, Big Data Discussion - Do You Own Your Production Data And What's It Worth?

SwineCast 0814 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0813, Pork Industry Forum - NPPC CEO Dierks, "What You Do Is Noble."

SwineCast 0813 Show Notes:
  • From 2014 National Pork Industry Forum, NPPC CEO Neil Dierks shares with delegates his view of the industry landscape.

SwineCast 0812, Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Needs Your Help

SwineCast 0812 Show Notes:
  • From the National Pork Industry Forum, NPPC's Vice President and Counsel, International Affairs, Nick Giordano is sounding the alarm on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations.  Japan is trying to maintain tariffs on agricultural products from the U.S. and they may get their way... unless you contact and tell your congressman why this is a bad idea.
  • Contact The Congress

SwineCast 0811, Pork Industry Forum - PEDv Update

SwineCast 0811 Show Notes:
  • An update on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) for National Pork Industry Forum attendees by producer Kelly Graff and NPB's Dr. Paul Sundberg.  Sundberg noted vaccines are only PART of the answer.
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