SwineCast 0882, Seneca Valley Disease Looks Like FMD - A Lot

SwineCast 0882 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0881, Young Farmers Discuss Start Ups And Consumer Questions

SwineCast 0881 Show Notes:
  • Neil and Tashney Mosely share their experience starting out in agriculture, and some of the interesting consumer conversations they've enjoyed at farmers markets.

SwineCast 0880, WPX - Depopulation Event Preliminary Considerations

SwineCast 0880 Show Notes:
  • North Carolina State University Extension Specialist Mark Rice offered his findings on depopulation event planning and implementation to the 2015 World Pork Expo Pork Academy attendees.  This audio excerpt includes preliminary considerations. 
  • Full video presentation link here.

SwineCast 0879, Dr. Ron Plain Economics Farewell Tour... Sort Of

SwineCast 0879 Show Notes:
  • Catching up with Dr. Ron Plain, University of Missouri, on the pork price outlook, his early retirement and immediate re-hirement.  

SwineCast 0878, PigTrace Canada Finding Use For Social Media

SwineCast 0878 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0877, WPX - Profitability In Tough Times

SwineCast 0877 Show Notes:
  • At the 2015 World Pork Expo, Dr. Aaron Lower, DVM, with Carthage Veterinary Services, reviewed current input costs, health issues and production dynamics, and outlined certain goals producers should shoot for to improve profitability.
  • Link to full video presentation.

SwineCast 0876, ATM - PRRS 1-7-4 Case Study with The Morrison Group

SwineCast 0876 Show Notes:
  • In this At The Meeting Case Series, the Morrison Group along with Dr. Mike Murtaugh (University of Minnesota) discuss the sequence information available on the recent PRRS 1-7-4 strain. The group is also joined by Dr. Sara Hough (Prestage Farms) and Dr. Josh Duff (Maxwell Food) to discuss PRRS 1-7-4 breaks, clinical impact of the virus and control strategies.

SwineCast 0875, WPX - Managing Herd Health In Good Times And Bad

SwineCast 0875 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0873, ATM - PDNS Case Review

SwineCast 0873 Show Notes:
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