SwineCast 0921, NPPC World Pork Expo Thursday Press Conference

SwineCast 0921 Show Notes:
  • The final NPPC press conference at World Pork Expo features an update on antibiotic issues, a look at markets and GIPSA discussions with Steve Meyer and a trade review with NPPC's Nick Giordano.

SwineCast 0920, National Pork Board World Pork Expo Wednesday Press Conference

SwineCast 0920 Show Notes:
  • National Pork Board Press Conference audio on Wednesday, June 8th from World Pork Expo in Des Moines, IA.  Introducing new NPB CEO Bill Even and the updated Pork Quality Assurance Plus program.

SwineCast 0919, NPPC World Pork Expo Wednesday Press Conference

SwineCast 0919 Show Notes:
  • The initial press conference at World Pork Expo 2016 featured National Pork Producers Council President John Weber discussing the Waters Of The U.S. regulation. Also, NPPC Vice President Jim Heimerl provided an overview of the status of the Packer Ban regs and the Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) status.

SwineCast 0918, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) And Your Suppliers

SwineCast 0918 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0917, Elanco's Simmons Says Ag Must Drive Future Conversations

SwineCast 0917 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0916, PORK Academy A Valuable World Pork Expo Resource

SwineCast 0916 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0915, ATM - Antibiotic Resistance Development, "We're In A Crisis...", Part 3 of 3

SwineCast 0915 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Mike Apley of Kansas State University joins The Morrison Group in this At The Meeting episode, third in a series, on antibiotic resistance development, it's impact on human and animal health and the resulting stewardship debate.

SwineCast 0914, ATM - Judicious Use Of Animal Antibiotics In The U.S. And Elsewhere, Part 2 of 3

SwineCast 0914 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0913, ATM - Changes In Antimicrobial Use Via FDA Guidance And Industry Impact, Part 1 of 3

SwineCast 0913 Show Notes:

  • As the industry anticipates implementation of FDA Guidance 209 and 213 on January 1, 2017, not all the answers are yet available.  What we know today and how production operations will be affected is discussed on The Morrison Group's At The Meeting.  Special guest Dr. Ron Prestage of Prestage Farms joins the conversation.

SwineCast 0912, PCV Vaccine Function And Effectiveness On Variants

SwineCast 0912 Show Notes:
  • A new variant of Porcine Circovirus is surfacing in some operations.  I asked University of Minnesota's Dr. Mike Murtaugh about the bug and how effective our current vaccines are in dealing with new entrant, PCV2d.
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