2018 Iowa Pork Congress

Featured Presentations

What Is The Pork Economic Outlook?

Prices and Profitability: Economic OutlookPrices and Profitability: Economic Outlook Dr. Steve Meyer, Kerns and Associates, provides a refresh on the current economics for the pork business. Dr. Meyer reminds the audience of the risks of foreign animal disease, trade policy and politics uncertainly, and prices if all the processing plants get full in 2019 [video].

Doing Manure Management Plans Online

Electronic Filing of Manure Management PlansElectronic Filing of Manure Management Plans Mr. Jeff Prier, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, share details on the electronic filing of manure management plans (eMMPs) in Iowa. Mr. Prier walks through the current system's functionality and outlines what additions will occur in the future [video].

2018 Iowa Pork CongressKey information to note from the Iowa Pork Congress is the presentation on "Utilizing Livestock Manure in a Cover Crop Program" by Dr. Dan Andersen and Dr. Matt Helmers, Iowa State University [video], and the environmental regulations presentation "Iowa Regulations & Nuisance Case Update" by Mr. Eldon McAfee, Brick Gentry Law Firm [video].

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