2017 Minnesota Pork Congress

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Yes, Farmers and Environmental Groups Can Work Together!

Uncommon Allies - Farmers and Environmental GroupsUncommon Allies - Farmers and Environmental Groups Joe Smentek, Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, shares details on approaches and efforts to work with environmental groups to help tackle a common issue. Mr. Smentek details some specific examples of cooperation occurring in Minnesota and the results of those efforts [video].

Are You Prepared for a Foreign Animal Disease In The USA?

Preparing for a Foreign Animal Disease: An overview of the Secure Pork Supply PlanPreparing for a Foreign Animal Disease: An overview of the Secure Pork Supply Plan Dr. Dave Wright, Wright Veterinary Services, shared the Secure Pork Supply story for producers to really internalize. Dr. Wright emphasized that being prepared through practices and education is key. One starting point is to get a National Premises Identification Number [video].

What Is The State Of The Pork Markets?

Market Outlook From The MN Pork CongressMarket Outlook From The MN Pork Congress Dr. Steve Meyer, Economist, Kerns & Associates, gets to the point with the current state of the markets in the USA and compares them to the other protein options. Dr. Meyer pointed out that new processing plants coming on line are not yet up to capacity plus emphasized the impacts that policy level decisions may have on the 2018 economy, and specific impacts to pork [video].

2017 Minnesota Pork Congress
The start of s new year brought out new info and thoughts on the business of swine. Starting off the Minnesota Pork Congress was the Taste of Excellence highlighting what local chefs can make with a selection of pork.

The seminar sessions led off with Dr. Paul Sandberg sharing an update on the Swine Health Information Center and having a question and answer session to get thoughts on big ideas. Details on antibiotics going forward was shared by Dr. Mike Apley and the view into the markets was detailed by Dr. Steve Meyer.

Of particular interest to attendees was the keynote by Dr. Lowell Catlett. His message was simple: "It's a great time to be in ag".

Many thanks to the Minnesota Pork Producers Association for allowing us to share these valuable presentations.

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