2015 Iowa Pork Congress

Featured Presentations

Stay Safe, Understand Pit Foam Issues

Pit Foam and Producer SafetyPit Foam and Producer Safety Leon Sheets, Iowa Pork Producers, shares what needs to be done to make sure safety is first for pit foam activity. Mr. Sheets emphasis training staff, understanding the process of how pit foam accidents happen, and what needs to be done to improve safety [video].

Confessions Of A Greenpeace Dropout

Agriculture, Human Health, and Environment: Confessions Of A Greenpeace DropoutAgriculture, Human Health, and Environment: Confessions Of A Greenpeace Dropout Dr. Patrick Moore, Ecosense, is a former leader of Greenpeace who shares his thoughts on how environmental and climate science today, as it is shared, is clouded by believes that are not sustainable by actual science. Dr. Moore dives into the specifics of current policy and views of governments and organizations related to food, agriculture, and the environment. [video].

Updates on Iowa Environmental Regulations and Farm Impacts

Iowa Environmental Regulations & Nuisance Case UpdateIowa Environmental Regulations & Nuisance Case Update Eldon McAfee, Brick Gentry Law Firm, covers what is happening with ag nuisance cases, manure handling, and livestock truck wash regulation. As always, Mr. McAfee details the issues and offers an analysis on what farm operators can expect on future regulation activities [video].

2015 Iowa Pork CongressWhile there is continued interest in animal health, specifically Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv), there are other subjects that are capturing the attention of pork producers. Pit foaming is always something that can cause issues and research by Drs. Steve Hoff, Andersen, and Kerr is helping understand and mitigate it.

Additionally, the markets are doing much better for producers but there is always some risk to better understand; Dr. Steve Meyer helps to explain. And helping farmers connect with consumers is continuing to gain the attention of all involved in agriculture; telling farm stories through social media and understanding consumer food insights are some examples.

Again, thanks to the Iowa Pork Producers Association for support in sharing these presentations with you.