2015 Iowa Pork Congress

Featured Presentations

What You Need To Know About Manure Nutrient Utilization & Water Quality

Manure Nutrient Utilization & Water QualityManure Nutrient Utilization & Water Quality In this moderated session, Dan Andersen with Iowa State University explains how to put a dollar value on manure, how to offset commercial fertilizer costs with manure, and timing application to maximize nutrient utilization. And Rick Juchems, a pork producer from Iowa, offers insight on how he has incorporated manure into his cover crop program. Sean McMahon, Executive Director of the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, is the moderator. [video].

ISU Vet Diagnostic Labs Shares Swine Health Trends

Swine Health Trends from ISU Vet Diagnostic LabSwine Health Trends from ISU Vet Diagnostic Lab Health is always at the forefront of producers’ thoughts as they strive to provide daily care for their animals. This presentation provides a look at emerging health trends that are prevalent in our industry through the eyes of the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at Iowa State University. Also highlighted are the recent developments of Senecavirus A cases in Iowa, and offer some practical ways producers can prevent it from showing up on their farms. [video].

Get Your Toolbox for Beginning Farmers

Opportunities Abound: A Toolbox for Beginning Farmers Opportunities Abound: A Toolbox for Beginning Farmers There are many opportunities for a young person to establish themselves in the pork industry. From niche and contract production to transitioning current enterprises to the next generation, Colin Johnson, Iowa State University swine extension specialist, and Dr. William Edwards, Iowa State University, explore the resources and tools available to make this a reality. [video].

2015 Iowa Pork CongressWhile there is continued interest in animal health, specifically Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv), there are other subjects that are capturing the attention of pork producers. Pit foaming is always something that can cause issues and research by Drs. Steve Hoff, Andersen, and Kerr is helping understand and mitigate it.

Additionally, the markets are doing much better for producers but there is always some risk to better understand; Dr. Steve Meyer helps to explain. And helping farmers connect with consumers is continuing to gain the attention of all involved in agriculture; telling farm stories through social media and understanding consumer food insights are some examples.

Again, thanks to the Iowa Pork Producers Association for support in sharing these presentations with you.