2013 Leman Swine Conference

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Defining "The Greater Good" For The Pork Industry

Keynote Address: Challenges in Defining Keynote Address: Challenges in Defining "The Greater Good": An Integrated Pork Producer’s Perspective Dr. Gary Louis and Dr. Luc Dufresne, Seaboard Foods, share how their conversations with Dr. Bob Morrison helped them understand a better approach to understanding PEDv. One one the key takeaways is the idea of sharing industry lessons learned with others for a company, pork, and societal good [video].

Case Studies from the Middle Kingdom, Or What Chinese Vets Think You Should Know

Case Studies from the Middle KingdomCase Studies from the Middle Kingdom Dr. Keith Erlandson, Director of Veterinary Services, Swine Lines, for the CP Group China, shares his perspective on What Chinese Vets Think You Should Know.

Dr. Erlandson shares his personal views of how pork production in China is evolving. Key takeaways: In China, hiring good employees is hard, building efficient systems for the good of the farm is difficult, and the study of production veterinary practice is not as well developed as in the USA [video].

Emerging Issues in Antibiotic Resistance Linked to Use in Food Animals

Emerging Issues in Antibiotic Resistance Linked to Use in Food AnimalsEmerging Issues in Antibiotic Resistance Linked to Use in Food Animals Dr. Peter Davies, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, reviews emerging issues in antibiotic resistance linked to use in food animals. Dr. Davies highlights work Environmental Antibiotic Resistome. Key take aways: 1) Increasing scrutiny of antibiotic use in food animals will not go away; 2) More ‘issue management’ in response to descriptive findings of AMR genes/bacteria in food animals and retail products; 3) Mostly without direct links to public health impact; 4) Proactive approaches to ensure customers and critics of 'appropriate uses'; and 5) Get on board the ‘antibiotic stewardship’ train [video].

Boehringer Ingelheim Science In Practice Reception

Science In Practice ReceptionScience In Practice Reception Boehringer Ingelheim remembered Dr. Bob Morrison in their pre-Allen D. Leman Conference Science In Practice Reception. Additionally, Dr. Bob Thompson, PIC, received the the Science in Practice Award [video].

Dr. Morrison As A Great Academic, Leader, Teacher, And Host

Tribute to Dr. Bob MorrisonTribute to Dr. Bob Morrison Dr. Trevor Ames and Dr. Gordon Spronk share their thoughts about Dr. Morrison, as a great academic, leader, teacher, and host [video].

2013 Leman Swine ConferenceThe Allen D. Leman Swine Conference presentations provide an opportunity to stay tuned with the issues and opportunities for pork producers. Sessions on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, Hot Topics, and the Hansen Lecture by Dr. Peter Davies are excellent starting points for your management and staff to learn more.

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