Simplifying Regulation Nation: ADT & Interstate Movement Requirements Made EasyUnderstanding ADT Webinar Chelsea Good, VP Government and Industry Affairs, Livestock Marketing Association, presents Simplifying Regulation Nation, a one hour continuing education (CE) webinar intended to provide an explanation of the ADT Monitoring and Compliance Guidelines document and share how digital solutions can help ease the burden of meeting movement requirements.


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Being Prepared For The Next Disease

Working on Our Animal Disease PreparednessWorking on Our Animal Disease Preparedness Dr. Paul Sundberg, Vice President, National Pork Board, outlines several of the lessons learned from the outbreak of PEDv. Pathway of introduction is difficult – at best; Corollary - Be prepared for the next one to come because it is coming; Better state-federal-industry response coordination is essential; and We can’t expect USDA alone to respond quickly and efficiently to the “next PED” in time to stop it. Corollary - Industry needs to be responsible for managing production diseases.
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