Simplifying Regulation Nation: ADT & Interstate Movement Requirements Made EasyUnderstanding ADT Webinar Chelsea Good, VP Government and Industry Affairs, Livestock Marketing Association, presents Simplifying Regulation Nation, a one hour continuing education (CE) webinar intended to provide an explanation of the ADT Monitoring and Compliance Guidelines document and share how digital solutions can help ease the burden of meeting movement requirements.

This recorded webinar is available at no cost. Additionally, you can gain One Hour of RACE Certified Continuing Education after watching the webinar by taking the post watching test [CE test link] [recorded webinar].


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How Ready Are We For Another Disease Outbreak?

Surveillance in Swine IndustryQuicker Detection Needed Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, Iowa State University, asks "Are we ready for the next emergent disease?". While the swine industry is extremely efficient, Dr. Zimmerman believes there are vulnerabilities to the admission of diseases.


The Use of Transgenic Pigs in PRRSV ResearchTransgenic Pigs in PRRSV Research Dr. Randy Prather, University of Missouri, talks about the idea of genetic engineering of pigs for PRRSV resistance. Dr. Prather shows the approaches to the development of the SIGLEC1 pigs that uses Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) to make CRISPR Bacon. Dr. Prather says some in vitro resistance to PRRSv infection has been identified but that challenge studies need to be done.
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