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On The Ground Perspective: Common Swine Industry Audit

Common Swine Industry AuditCommon Swine Industry Audit Emily Erickson, New Fashion Pork, and Brian Zimmerman, Zimmerman Hog Farms, provide a large and small operation point of view on having one or more Common Swine Industry Audits at their farms. Ms. Erickson shared her experiences of multiple audits and how each one has helped improve their operations and refine their approaches. Mr. Zimmerman said you can never be 100% and that each audit is an opportunity to learn and improve. Via the Q & A time Ms. Erickson and Mr. Zimmerman help explain their approaches and dealing with audits [video].

Avoiding Disasters: Caring, Training, and Culture

Three Essential Steps to Avoiding A Health, Safety, & Environmental DisasterThree Essential Steps to Avoiding A Health, Safety, & Environmental Disaster Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, talks about developing an approach to employee safety through caring, training, and culture. Ms.  Hoare shares information on the National Pork Board's tools (Safe Pig Handling and Employee Safety Toolkit) to help create a safe environment for both people and animals [video].
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