Simplifying Regulation Nation: ADT & Interstate Movement Requirements Made EasyUnderstanding ADT Webinar Chelsea Good, VP Government and Industry Affairs, Livestock Marketing Association, presents Simplifying Regulation Nation, a one hour continuing education (CE) webinar intended to provide an explanation of the ADT Monitoring and Compliance Guidelines document and share how digital solutions can help ease the burden of meeting movement requirements.

This recorded webinar is available at no cost. Additionally, you can gain One Hour of RACE Certified Continuing Education after watching the webinar by taking the post watching test [CE test link] [recorded webinar].


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Agritourism - A Great Opportunity to Share a Positive Farming Message with the PublicWhat do consumers look for when they buy pork? Agritourism is a great opportunity to share a positive farming message with the public. Brian Martin, Jon Hoek, and Jarrod Sutton outline the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure and Dairy operations and its connection to the consumer public.
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